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There is a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. it's that women are strong.'

-laura stavoe harm

 In Valdosta, GA? Are you pregnant and considering your birth options, do you want an OB/GYN at your birth or a Midwife?  Do you want to labor and birth at a Homebirth, birthcenter or hospital? How you can birth, and who will be at your birth? Having doula support for pregnant women, gives you your best chance at the birth you desire. 

Not in GA or FL? Not a problem contact me to chat more about travel services I provide!

Whatever combination of support you need, together we can help create your dream birth team to be your biggest birth cheerleaders, and achieve your birth goals! 
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Heres to your best birth!

Kind words from some incredible families who birthed Beautifully

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Doula Packages


Certified Holistic Doula and Breastfeeding Specialist specializing in the undisturbed birth experience.
Bringing support in Home birth, Birth Center and Hospitals.

*Travel Doula Services also available

Offering doula services in Valdosta, Moody AFB, GA | NW. Florida and beyond. Contact us for a free Consultation and a packet of  our services offered


Certified Holistic fertility support. 
Wanting to understand your cycle more? Trying to conceive or not trying conceive, I can help you gain clarity in your cycle to reach your goals.

*Virtual Services also available

Encapsulation, Classes,
Breastfeeding & More

Professional encapsulation of your placenta after birth to experience a boost in healing, mood and milk.
Certified Breastfeeding Specialist 
Supporting your feeding goals with evidenced based and personal care. Classes available pre-birth and consultations available after birth.
*Virtural Services also available
Birth, Breastfeeding, and baby care classes available to prep you for parenthood!
*Virtual Services also available

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