During birth, the mother is the driver. Your divine power is illuminated and anything you need to be well, comfortable, and supported should be yours. As a certified doula, breastfeeding specialist, and midwife assistant, I have attended more than 60 births and supported more than 100 families in their birth and postpartum journey.
I am here for you.

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Do you trust deeply in your body’s ability to birth your baby? You deserve support that helps you uncover your innate ability to bring your baby earthside and believes in birth just as it was designed. As your birthkeeper, my promise starts before the birth begins. I commit to giving you the best possible knowledge, and ensuring you have the best chance for the birth experience you crave. I believe that you are excellent in giving birth! I will walk alongside you in this journey and support and empower your decisions. As your doula, I advocate for you ONLY - not the hospital, midwife, doctor, or state... just you! With your support team we can give you the space, confidence, and empowerment to birth your baby your way! 

Your body is wise and your support system is key in helping you uncover your birthing ability.


Birth Services

+ Birth planning and envisioning meeting 

+ Shared birth knowledge of a physiological, hands- off birth and its benefits

+ Partner and support team gatherings to ensure your support brings all the best energy to your space

+ Full birth support from onset of labor until 2-3 hours after birth

+ Preparation and planning for a sacred healing postpartum

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Bethany was truly a God send for my pregnancy and birth. My husband and I keep saying we don’t know what we would have done without her… There’s no way my labor would have gone as smooth as it did without her guidance and support (emotionally and physically).


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How It Works

01. Meet and Greet
We'll have a quick phone chat to ensure that I can help you fulfill your birth wishes.
After that, I will reserve your due date and our journey will begin!

02. Prenatal Visits
We'll meet twice before your big day; first to get to know each other and your birth goals a bit better. Then to deepen your birth readiness through relaxation and other support and training.

03. On Call and Labor Support
I'll be on call and available to answer any questions you may have. I will be with you from the start of labor until the birth of your baby.
Even staying an hour or more after the birth to help with breastfeeding and getting you comfortable with your little one.

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Questions + Answers

What does a Doula do after birth?
I will stay directly after birth for about 2 hours to ensure you have eaten, you’re comfortable, baby is breastfeeding, and both you and your partner are bonding beautifully with your little one. After a few days I will come to your home and make sure you are settling into new parenthood smoothly, provide community resources if needed, and ensure you have gotten some self-care! 

What does a Doula actually do? 
A doula is a professional pregnancy and labor support person. Our job is to listen to your birth goals, fears, and aspirations, to build them and you up with mental, physical, and emotional support to achieve your best birth! We are your biggest birth cheerleaders, and are only here to support you and your choices!

What makes hiring you as my Doula a unique experience?
Physical birth is my jam - I bring my scientific knowledge and intuitive approach to meeting your needs. As your doula, I will share my years of experience, professional training, and non-judgmental support to your unique birth. I trust in your body and its ability to birth undisturbed and I can teach you to believe in yourself, too. 

 What is the difference between a Doula and a Midwife?
 A doula is non-medical support, we offer our knowledge and guidance throughout your pregnancy and birth, you, your partner, or midwife can catch your baby, your doula will be there encouraging you along. A midwife is your medical professional during your pregnancy and birth, she takes the place of you OB and will perform all your testing and appointments, and monitor you throughout your labor and birth. We make an amazing team together.

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