I’m Bethany a home birth doula and Birth & Newborn photographer that specializes in supporting revolutionary birthing experiences and photographing the motherhood journey for families who believe birth works, and it's worth being captured.

Meet Bethany

Hey ya'll! So glad that you found me! I am so excited to be considered as the photographer for a special time in your life. I don't take that lightly, and so excited to get to know you and create beautiful portraits with you. Being Valdosta's premier photographer, I am here to celebrate your motherhood experience! If you have made your way to me in search of birth and breastfeeding support, thank you for coming, and again this is a major time in your life and I am humbled to be able to walk through it with you. If you think we may be a good fit for each other, please contact me. I can't wait to chat!

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Bethany became my doula, photographer, lactation consultant... a great friend to me and godmother to my son. Not only do I have the memories of my first pregnancy and childbirth... I have the most amazing photos to remind me... To share with family... To give to Benji when he grows older... So he could see the amount of love that surrounded him before and after he was born. Thank you, Bethany... for being the angel you are!


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Fun Facts About Bethany

I'm a certified birth, and baby junkie! You want to talk about placentas, and lactation- I'm totally your girl!

I'm Mom to 3 super cool busy body kiddos that keep me busy busy! I'm a full-time Mom-preneur, I was working from home before it was the thing to do, lol!

I have a special place in my heart for those yummy Christmas Tree snack cakes, if I could marry them I would! 

I speak baby language. Like really, me and babies vibe something serious, that's why they sleep so good in my studio!

As a mother who had traumatic birth experiences. I know how continued birth support can improve your birth experience . 

Not documenting my birth was something I regret and I realized how I felt then with not wanting to be photographed faded and the desire to have those images became so important. 

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Walking With You Through Your Motherhood Journey

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Normalizing the authenticity and transparency of true parenthood and birth through portraits and birth support.

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