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Ignite Your Inner widsom and Embrace the Magic of Birth at home with Family - centered Homebirth care

South Georgia's Holistic & Sacred Approach to  

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We don’t know what we would have done without her…

Bethany was truly a God send for my pregnancy and birth. My husband and I keep saying we don’t know what we would have done without her… There’s no way my labor would have gone as smooth as it did without her guidance and support (emotionally and physically).

-Mc raney Family

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We know that...

Finding Birth Attendants Who Fully Supports Physiological Birth Is Becoming Difficult . 

The staggering amount of Unnecessary interventions Causing birth emergencies  being pushed on birthing families is heavy

We offer families...

As your traditional homebirth attendant, it's my passion to provide an energizing and empowering birth experience. I want to honor your innate power to create a unique birth story, while also protecting the sacred space of the pregnancy & birth process. Through my holistic and intuitive approach, I'm here to provide a safe and nurturing environment where your individual needs will be respected and your inner wisdom will be honored. 

A Sacred Space of Trust 

When you choose me as your traditional homebirth attendant, you can trust that your journey will be revered with the utmost respect. I strive to create a sacred space of trust that allows you to believe in yourself and to trust the process of pregnancy & birth. My mission is to encourage you to listen to your body, while also providing the comfort and support you need during this special time. 

My goal is to protect the loveliness and integrity of whatever birth plan comes forth from deep within you. I understand that each story is different and I'm committed to providing the care and guidance that is tailored to your specific needs. I'm here to offer my full support and to ensure that your journey is celebrated in its own time and way!

giving birth in a hospital setting with doctors and nurses you've never met before can lead to feelings of confusion, uncertainty, even fear. 

A Holistic & Sacred Approach to Pregnancy & Birth

Customized Care and Guidance

Empowering.   Undisturbed.   Instinctual.   Sacred.   

Can you imagine Birth being...

How It Works

01. Meet and Greet
We'll have a phone/video chat to ensure that I can help you fulfill your birth wishes.
After that, I will reserve your due date and our journey will begin!

02. Prenatal Visits
We'll meet twice before your big day; first to get to know each other and your birth goals a bit better. Then to deepen your birth readiness through relaxation and other support and training.

03. On Call and Labor Support
I'll be on call and available to answer any questions you may have. I will be with you from the start of labor until the birth of your baby.
Even staying an hour or more after the birth to help with breastfeeding and getting you comfortable with your little one.

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"When we birth, we don't just birth our babies. We birth ourselves, we birth our families, and we reshape our lives"
-Dr. Sara Wickman

Ignite Your Inner Power and Embrace the Magic of Birth

I have attended more than 80 births and supported more than 100 families in their birth and postpartum journey. As a traditional homebirth attendant, breastfeeding specialist, and Mother, I walk alongside you as you reclaim your voice and discover your divine power during childbirth. Provide you with the knowledge and resources necessary to tap into your innate birth wisdom.
I am here to walk this journey with you.

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A decade of Experience 

With more than 10 years of Professional and birth experience, your baby and family are in safe hands. 

Your best birth

Creating clarity, confidence, and safe space to birth your baby with intention. Let's bring the heart and soul into each moment. Your birth your way!

Authentic Birth Support

Supportive, intuitive and holistic guidance that honors the mother’s innate power while protecting her sacred space throughout pregnancy and childbirth

Birth Services

+ Birth planning and envisioning meetings

+ Shared birth knowledge of a physiological, hands-off birth and its benefits

+ Partner and support team gatherings to ensure your support brings all the best energy to your space

+ Full birth support from onset of labor until 2-3 hours after birth

+ Preparation and planning for a sacred healing postpartum

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Births Photos

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Questions + Answers

What do you do after birth?
I will stay directly after birth for about 2-3 hours to ensure you and baby are well, have eaten, you’re comfortable, baby is breastfeeding, and both you and your partner are bonding beautifully with your little one. We will weigh, measure baby. Between 24-36 hrs I will come back to your home and make sure you are settling into new parenthood smoothly, provide community resources if needed, and ensure you have gotten some self-care!  We will continue via video chat or in-person for up to 6 weeks as needed.

What makes hiring you as my birth attendant a unique experience?
Physical birth is my jam - I bring my scientific knowledge and intuitive approach to meeting your needs. I will share my years of experience, professional training, and non-judgmental support to your unique birth. I trust in your body and its ability to birth undisturbed

 Do you help with the birth certificate?
 Yes, a few days after baby is born, we will complete the birth certificate, and I will give you instructions on how to file. 

What makes hiring Bethany so different?

With me you get an...

Experienced and professional traditional homebirth attendant who is committed to the preservation of your individual journey and story. 

Supportive, intuitive and holistic guidance that honors the your innate power while protecting the sacred space throughout pregnancy and childbirth. 

Little to no intervention with a goal of ensuring a physiological birth in the home environment for you baby and family. 

A peaceful, safe and empowering birthing experience where your unique story is honored and respected. 

 High quality care with personalized attention tailored to each parent’s specific needs at every stage of the childbirth process.  

A knowledgeable attendant dedicated to providing you with trust in your own ability to birth your baby in its own time and way without any unnecessary interventions or haste.

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